One of the most conspicuous differences between iOS and Android smartphones is their distinctly different charging cables. In a necessary effort, a small startup by the name of LMcable from Perth, Australia is campaigning to create the world’s first 2-in-1 connector cable that includes both a micro USB and lightning cord. A simple yet perfect solution, the LMcable needs no description. Made of resilient, tangle-free, halogen-free, tin-plated copper wires (making it 10 times more durable than regular wires) that support both fast data transfer and 2.4 A fast charging, a brass buckle closure, and a real leather cover, the small, convenient, and environmentally-friendly LMcable comes in colors Sunlight White, Vintage Brown, Moonlight Black and Cowboy Blue.the-worlds-first-2-in-1-ios-android-connector-cable-3