Eight Dutch members of Islamic State have reportedly been executed in Syria by the jihadist group after being accused of trying to desert.

The jihadists were killed in Maadan, in Raqqa province, according to Abu Mohammad, an activist from the citizen group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS).

Three other Dutch jihadists were arrested by Iraqi IS members who accused them of attempting to flee, the RBSS added.

The group said one of the detainees was beaten to death while being interrogated.

The deaths follow a dispute in Raqqa over the past month between 75 Dutch jihadists and IS intelligence operatives from Iraq.

IS leaders in Raqqa sent a delegate to solve the dispute with the Dutch jihadist cell, but the delegate was murdered.

The group’s leaders in Iraq then ordered the arrest of all members of the Dutch cell, and imprisoned them in Tabaqa and Maadan, before the executions were carried out.

Dutch officials say some 200 people from the Netherlands, including 50 women, have joined IS in Syria and Iraq.

Meanwhile, four IS suicide bombers have infilitrated an army headquarters near Baghdad, killing an Iraqi general and five other soldiers.

Officials in Anbar province, where the attack took place, said the attackers were dressed in military uniforms.