A wild mountain lion is suspected of mauling to death a koala at Los Angeles Zoo.

Zoo staff say they discovered parts of the 14-year-old koala’s mangled body outside its enclosure last week.

The mountain lion was seen on CCTV footage at the zoo on the same night.

Surveillance cameras didn’t capture the cougar in the act, but officials say there is ample evidence to support their belief that it found its way into the marsupial pen before making off with its victim.

Officials have temporarily moved the remaining 10 koalas indoors around the clock, with most of the other zoo animals moving inside every night.

The seven-year-old big cat, which wears a tracking collar, has gained a measure of celebrity following several sightings across Los Angeles.

Last year, it was discovered hiding in the crawl space under a Los Angeles house – but then stole away undetected in the night.

It was also once photographed walking past the city’s landmark Hollywood sign.