Jimi Hendrix would’ve been proud.

Musicians rejoice — Samsung has unveiled a groundbreaking app at this year’s SXSW that automatically converts your humming into sheet music with instant playback, so that the musically inclined can jot down a melody on the fly without busting out the pen and paper. Developed by Samsung’s experimental C-Lab, the app is called Hum On! and also allows users to arrange the melody to several genre presets — such as the swelling orchestra of the classical preset, the heartache-laden piano chords of the ballad preset, or a screaming Stratocaster solo for the rock ‘n’ roll preset. Users can also fiddle with the pitch and length of the notes to personalize and write music with a few simple taps. Unfortunately, the app is still in the beta stage — giving you plenty of time to get your singing on pitch before it releases.