Zookeepers are celebrating the birth of a critically endangered warty piglet in Cornwall.

The Visayan warty piglet is on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List.

The new arrival was born at Newquay Zoo in February and has now been put on show.

Warty pigs originate from the Visayan Islands in the Philippines but the species is in rapid decline.

Newquay Zoo curator John Meek said: “I am really thrilled we have successfully bred a warty piglet, as the species is in dire straits and without intervention from us they are in danger of becoming extinct.

“We had to keep it inside for the first few weeks as it’s been so wet but the piglet is thriving and visitors can now catch a glimpse of it out and about.”

Destruction of forests and hunting are to blame for the warty pig’s near-extinction.

Male warty pigs develop long crests and manes similar to a mohawk hairstyle.