Swindon Town has suspended three players over reports they inhaled nitrous oxide using balloons.

The images on social media appear to show Drissa Traore, England youth player Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill, and Jeremy Balmy taking the legal high – commonly known as laughing gas.

The League One club said the players had immediately been suspended.

“The club have already started an internal investigation into the trio’s recent conduct and they will not be considered for selection during this process,” a spokesman said.

Protesters inhaled laughing gas outside Parliament to show their opposition to a proposed law on psychoactive substances.

The legal high can be inhaled using balloons

“Swindon Town will be making no further comment until the investigation is complete.”

The Wiltshire side are 15th in the table and have not won for six games.

Manchester City striker Raheem Sterling was pictured taking laughing gas last year while he was playing for Liverpool.

The club’s former manager, Brendan Rodgers, said at the time that he would talk privately with the player about his conduct.

Drug information site Frank says laughing gas – also known as “hippy crack” – can make people feel “euphoric and relaxed”.

However it warns it also carries a risk of death due to lack of oxygen.