America’s spy agency, the CIA, has tweeted the events of the Osama bin Laden raid in real time – five years to the day that the al Qaeda leader was killed.

Bin Laden was tracked to a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, where he was shot dead by US special forces on 2 May 2011, having evaded capture for nearly a decade.

The announcement of his death was greeted with celebration by the US and many of its allies but many Twitter users weren’t so convinced about the agency’s anniversary plans.

The tweeting was described as “grotesque”, “extremely weird” and “a puzzling exercise”.

Some, however, thanked and praised those involved.

Meanwhile, CIA director John Brennan said that the capture of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the head of the so-called Islamic State group, may be among the agency’s next goals.

“He is important, and we will destroy ISIL; I have no doubt in my mind. We have to remove the leadership that directs the organisation to carry out these horrific attacks,” he told NBC’s Meet The Press.

“If we got Baghdadi, I think it would have a great impact on the organisation. And it will be felt by them,” he added.

“But this is a large, not just organisation, it’s a phenomenon. We see it not just in Syria in Iraq, we see it in Libya, Nigeria, and other countries. We’re going to have remain very focused on destroying all elements of the organisation.”

He added that, while “a large part” of al Qaeda had been destroyed, “it is not completely eliminated”.