A hippopotamus has been pictured wandering down a main road after escaping from a circus in Spain.

The beast was seen snacking on some grass in a central reservation in Palos de la Frontera, near Huevla.

It was eventually rounded up and returned to the circus.

It is unclear how the hippo escaped but it may have taken inspiration from any number of high-profile cases of animals going AWOL.

Just last week a black bear went on the loose in LA, climbing trees to avoid capture before eventually being returned to the Angeles National Forest.

Last year two runaway llamas caused havoc near a retirement complex in Arizona, while in 2014 the public where told not to approach an “aggressive” ostrich named Chris that had escaped in Hertfordshire.

There have also been false alarms such as the dangerous lion seen roaming around Essex, which turned out to be either a domestic cat according to some reports, or a domestic toy according to others.