A Florida man accused of killing his older brother in an argument over a cheeseburger has appeared in court.

Police say Benjamin Middendorf shot his sibling in the chest with a 9mm handgun on Thursday night in St Cloud, 28 miles (45km) south of Orlando.

The 25-year-old suspect was arraigned on Saturday on charges of first-degree premeditated murder.

The altercation began when the 28-year-old victim, Nicholas Middendorf, their mother and a third man returned to the home from a night out, according to a police report.

“I just shot my brother on accident,” a distraught man is heard telling a 911 dispatcher in audio of the call released by police.

“We were in a fight and I grabbed a gun and I shot him. Oh God. I’m so sorry.”

Mr Middendorf was pronounced dead at the scene.

A woman’s voice could be heard on the 911 call saying: “I hope you go to jail.”

St Cloud Police Department spokesperson Denise Roberts told Bay News 9: “This is an impulsive incident that happened. Maybe anger, rage.

“But it was definitely over a verbal dispute that sadly, it was over a cheeseburger.”