Two teenage girls who created a fake Facebook page in a plot to kidnap babies have been sentenced to 12 months behind bars.

Holly Kelland, 18, and Codie Farrar, 17, offered free designer children’s clothes on the social network site to lure parents into providing their home addresses.

Murder mystery actress Farrar even posed as a social worker while visiting a woman at her home in September last year.

She asked to take the child for a half-hour “medical assessment” – but the mother became suspicious when Farrar, from Evesham in Worcestershire, held the baby incorrectly.

In a victim statement read out in court, the mother said: “After it happened I kept breaking down at the thought of what could have happened if the baby had been taken.

“I cried all the time and it ruined my experience of having a young baby. Even now I don’t trust people and don’t like being home alone.”

The scheme was hatched by Kelland, who suffered from an undiagnosed mental illness at the time of the offences.

She lied to her own mother about being pregnant and had a fully equipped nursery with a cot at her home.

The schoolfriends exchanged text messages about a plot to kidnap three babies, identified only as U, S and W.

Kelland, from Wolverhampton, had told her co-conspirator: “Don’t feel like baby chasing today.”

She later said: “Did you bin the SIM (card)?”

Both schoolfriends had already admitted conspiracy to kidnap babies and were at Derby Youth Court on Friday to be sentenced.

Sentencing, Judge Taaffe told them: “A plan was hatched to kidnap a baby and not followed through, and fortunately it was only the alertness of the mother (of U) that prevented the actual kidnap taking place.

He concluded: “I’d be failing in my public duty if a custodial sentence was not imposed.

Both girls were each handed 12-month detention and training orders.