A bus was left dangling over the edge of a bridge which had collapsed in India.

More than two dozen passengers had a lucky escape as they were able to safely get out of the vehicle despite part of the bridge falling into a ravine.

They blamed local authorities for the poor state of the road and said the approaching monsoon season would make driving conditions in the area more dangerous.

One passenger, Jitubhai Solanki, said of the incident in Junagadh town, western Gujarat state: “The bus got stuck in the air. Thankfully all of us were saved.

Bridge collapse

One passenger said the bridge ‘collapsed suddenly’

“It is entirely the mistake of the administration. The bridge collapsed suddenly. They have used such poor material. These people have no concern for people’s problems.

“Today, this mishap could have taken many lives. The monsoon is about to arrive. They should repair the bridge.”

Traffic accidents are common in India, where roads are often of poor quality.

In March, at least 23 people were killed and dozens injured when a flyover collapsed in eastern Kolkata city, crushing pedestrians and vehicles below.