A $15,000 Lego statue which took three days to build was destroyed by a child in China in a matter of seconds.

The youngster managed to break the human-sized figurine of a character from the film Zootopia at an expo in Ningbo, Zhejing.

The accident happened just an hour after the exhibition opened on its first day.

There was a ‘no touching’ sign next to the model, but it appears the four-year-old could not be stopped and soon it was reduced to a pile of coloured bricks.

Mr Zhao, who spent three days and three nights building it, said he had accepted an apology from the boy’s parents.

He said he did not ask for compensation, adding that “the child did not intend to break it”.

He posted photos of the figurine before and after the incident, saying he was “very frustrated” and had even started to have “doubts about life”.